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Google has provided power support to the

2017-06-02  网站原创

Google and the Dutch energy supplier Eneco announced on Friday that in the next decade, Google will buy the Netherlands, the largest solar power plant issued by the full power, as the company recently opened in the Netherlands, "Ames Harlem (Eemshaven) "data center to provide power support. At present, the Ameshaven data center has thousands of servers.

This is also Google this year plans to promote its data center and office full use of renewable energy one of the important measures. Today, wind power and solar power prices fell sharply, which is to promote Google to make use of renewable energy one of the reasons.

Marc Oman, Google's European energy business manager, said the cooperation agreement with Eneco would "provide renewable energy for Google in the next few months or even years."

Google and Eneco signed the agreement coincided with the Netherlands to vigorously raise the country's renewable energy production and Eneco invested 12 billion euros to develop offshore wind farms on the occasion.

Ames Harvard data center is Google in 2016 investment of about 600 million euros to build, is also Google in Europe, one of the four major operations center.

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