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New energy emergencies, RYTON® in the China Import and Export Fair strong attack

2017-06-02  网站原创

China's new energy industry in recent years, the rapid development of solar energy (solar batteriey), wind energy (wind energy batteriey), biomass and other industries there have been a number of strong enterprises, by the world's close attention and favor, Support the positive, industry continued to heat up, the market prospect is broad. On the basis of full investigation, the 121st Canton Fair with the times, in the first phase of the new energy exhibition, for the new energy industry to build more counterparts in the supply and demand docking bridge.

According to the Canton Fair is responsible for organizing the affairs of the staff, in the absence of the establishment of new energy exhibition area, there have been some new energy companies exhibitors, distribution in household appliances, electrical and electronic products and other exhibitions. After the establishment of a new energy exhibition area, this category of enterprises together, and according to professional subdivided into "solar photovoltaic products," "solar thermal products," "wind energy and other new energy products," the three categories, from the buyer's point of view , It is more convenient for their procurement; and for exhibitors, came to negotiate the buyers are more professional, more purposeful and targeted, but also to promote the industry exchanges, exhibitors greatly enhance the effect.

 New energy exhibition once launched by the sought after, the registration of enterprises rush, in short supply. It is understood that more than 400 new energy companies filed an application, after layers of strict screening, and ultimately only 80 companies selected for exhibitors.

   In this session of the Canton Fair, RYTON ® also bring new products re-appearance, display new solar batteriey, solar panels, solar inverter and other full range of products. This is a full product display of RYTON® transition from traditional battery manufacturers to integrated solar products service providers.

According to reports, RYTON ® will show the traditional valve-controlled maintenance-free lead acid solar battery, GEL solar batteriey, tube plate solar batteriey, new solar inverter and photovoltaic off-grid system applications, including business lines. RYTON® has been extended to the application in recent years to become a comprehensive solar product service company integrating manufacturers, system developers and operators

   The same time as the above RYTON ® said, RYTON ® first to establish ISO9000 quality management system, ISO14001 management system, from the product procurement of raw materials to the production and testing of all aspects of strict quality testing standards, establish the industry benchmark. The RYTON® test center has more than 30 approved testing programs and has a number of independent certification laboratories with UL and other products, product quality has multiple protection.

      China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, founded in the spring of 1957, held every year in the Spring and Autumn in Guangzhou, organized by the Ministry of Commerce and the Guangdong Provincial People's Government, China Foreign Trade Center. China is currently the longest history, the largest and most complete types of goods, to the most buyers and distribution of the country's most extensive, the best results, the best reputation of the comprehensive international trade event.

After 60 years of reform and innovation, the Canton Trade Fair has been uninterrupted and has strengthened the trade between China and the world. It has demonstrated the image and development achievements of China. It is a high-quality platform for Chinese enterprises to explore the international market. Strategy to guide the demonstration base. Has become China's first foreign trade promotion platform, is China's foreign trade barometer and weathervane, is China's opening window, epitome and logo.

As of the 120th, the Canton Fair total turnover of about 12335 billion US dollars, the cumulative foreign buyers to about 7.83 million people (Note: when the 1 will be counted 1 person). At present, the scale of each exhibition of 1.18 million square meters of exhibition, domestic and foreign exhibitors more than 24,000, more than 210 countries and regions, nearly 200,000 overseas buyers at the meeting.

    About RIYUETAN: RIYUETAN (RYTON®) is a leading global energy and power management company, RIYUETAN is committed to the use of energy and power management technology and services to improve the quality of human life and environmental quality. We offer a variety of energy efficient solutions, including lead acid batteriey, UPS batteriey, solar batteriey and other fields, to help customers more efficient, more secure, more sustainable management of power and mechanical power. RIYUETAN has thousands of employees worldwide and products are sold in 175 countries and regions.

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