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RYTON® is invited to participate in the Seminar on Battery Recycling Technology in France

2017-05-01  网站原创

From April 13 to 14, the Canadian Association of China (France) visited the Tianhe River, visited the Tianhe wisdom city, CBD and Tianhe road shopping district and other functional areas, and Tianhe District, the relevant units of the exchange of talks, and Bringing a number of international advanced level of medical, aerospace engineering, green technology and other fields (battery regeneration technology) of high-tech projects, and Tianhe District-related enterprises, investment and financing institutions to promote, docking.

  Lin Daoping, secretary of the district party committee, gave a warm welcome to the delegation of the delegation to visit the Tianhe River, an important international event organized by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, and the Canadian Association of China, and the ABZ Consultants Co., Ltd. express my heartfelt thanks. He said that Tianhe District, as the core area of Guangzhou international scientific and technological innovation hub, in recent years the development pattern of continuous improvement, the development of factors to accelerate the gathering, the development of the environment continue to optimize, the first decade of GDP in the city. Tianhe is willing to join the international community in strengthening economic, technical and cultural exchanges, seize the new round of global technology and industrial transformation of the new opportunities to speed up the international outstanding scientific and technological achievements in the development of Tianhe landing, promote the acceleration of the construction of national important center Urban and hub network city development orientation, to achieve multi - win - win situation. Subsequently, the representatives of France and Canada, respectively, to the participating enterprises and units to promote the two countries of the investment environment and preferential policies and related innovation. In the multi-witness, the Canadian Association of China and Guangzhou Zero fertile soil Internet Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to jointly create a strong brand, to stimulate a new round of innovation and entrepreneurial vitality, leading the development of new trends in science and technology innovation, help Tianhe fight Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Investment, high-tech boutique projects the most concentrated, the most active areas.

  Since April 2003, Tianhe District and Paris thirteenth district has officially formed a friendly city since the two areas to maintain close contacts, urban friendly relations continue to make new progress. The two sides signed a letter of intent to deepen cooperation and cooperation in 2015, and agreed to set up Sino-French (Tianhe) Science and Technology Industrial Park in Tianhe Smart City to further push the two areas into further cooperation. The park covers an area of about 2,000 square meters, by the French Association of China, Canada, China Association, ABZ and Tianhe District, co-operation, and further promote North America, Europe and other international cutting-edge technology into China to transform the results, market development, accelerate international innovation elements , To achieve resource sharing.

  In the 14th investment promotion and technology project matchmaking meeting, the delegation to bring 11 high-tech projects roadshow promotion, many of them WHO approved nasopharyngeal carcinoma high-precision detection technology, the US FDA approved breast cancer early Testing technology, zebrafish research and development center, a variety of cancer treatment technology using nano-target technology, advanced fluid dynamics, low mobility inductive coupling plasma torch chemical trace element analysis technology, remote water purification technology, thermal spraying technology and its New applications, new methods of heat recovery and heat exchange and high-tech projects such as battery management systems. From the Tianhe District of science and technology enterprises, the public space, incubator representatives and the strength of the investment and financing institutions and the delegation to conduct one-on-one exchanges and negotiations, in-depth search for business opportunities to achieve win-win cooperation.

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