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RIYEUTAN for the Sichuan Radio and Television Station 715 launch transmission platform to provide UPS power escort

2017-11-22  网站原创

On Friday, November 10, 2017, Ryton installed batteries for the 715 launch pad of Sichuan Radio and Television Station to ensure the normal use of the outdoor base station equipment of the launch pad.

Sichuan Broadcasting and Television Station 715 launch transmission station is located in Yibin Mount Cuipin, belonging to the alpine station, transport handling more difficult, Sun Moon Lake according to repeated on-site surveys, given a reasonable handling and installation program, the installation process, on-site installation and technical staff First remove the old battery, handling the old battery to the user specified location, and to the user side to explain the old battery to save and deal with professional advice. After installing a new battery, the field test battery capacity and other indicators, are to meet and better than the user side requirements. The hard-working spirit of the installers and technicians was also unanimously praised by the leadership of the launching station. The battery uses 64 lead-acid batteries of 12V100AH to ensure the continuous power supply of transmitters and other equipment and provide high-quality power supply protection for the transmitting station.

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