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Power quality expert "Ryton" Dubai International Energy Exhibition perfect curtain call

2017-11-21  网站原创

The highly anticipated Dubai Water Treatment, Energy and Environmental Expo (WETEX 2017) was held in Dubai World Trade Center in October 2017.

Guangdong Ryton Power Technology Co., Ltd. carrying a solar cell to attend the show at the attention of global customers.

Saving Water Resources Water is the most precious resource on Earth, and the scarcity of water resources has now become a concern in the world. According to statistics, the per capita water resources of the UAE is less than 900 cubic meters per year, making it the number one country in the world with the most scarce water resources. To this end, Guangdong Ryton Energy Technology Co., Ltd., carrying a series of new research and development of solar energy products to attend the show in order to work together to improve and enhance the use of solar energy for desalination technology, centralized management of waste water, waste water recycling Decision-making.

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