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RIYUETAN Battery and UPS contact / check between the discharge time
In series refers to the two batteries with the cathode and the battery cathode together to reach the user needs.
So what environment RIYUETAN battery needs in series?
For example, assume that the customer's UPS power supply is 3KVA, full load, the customer means that after the interruption of electricity can be delayed for 5 hours, then the customer needs RIYUETAN battery 1 group 150AH RIYUETAN protection battery in series, each group is 8 Piece .
What is RIYUETAN battery in parallel
Parallel connection means a method in which the positive electrodes of the two sets of batteries are connected together by a negative electrode, and the battery capacity is increased in a stable environment.
So what environment in Guangdong RIYUETAN battery needs in parallel?
For example: the customer's UPS power supply host is 6KVA, full load, the customer is expected to be discontinued in the city power can be delayed after 10 hours, then the demand RIYUETAN battery 2 group 120AH RIYUETAN protection battery in parallel, each group is 20.

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