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Entrepreneurship: only fine!

Core idea: dynamic innovation • Dade concentric

"Only fine" spirit, has been rooted in each of us, as we manufacture lead-acid batteries to pursue the spirit of enterprise.

"Dynamic innovation" reflects the strategic transformation needs of all RYTON® people active, flexible and consciously based on strategic choice for a new pursuit and innovation.

"Dade concentric" embodiesRYTON® as an energy company, especially for solar battery, in the low-carbon era, there must be social responsibility placed in the first development of Dade, as a corporate quality. But also hope to become the quality of all the RYTON®, one heart and one mind, work together to create a harmonious RYTON®, people-oriented to create vitality RYTON®, the pursuit of excellence to build the development of RYTON®!

The essence of culture

" Knowledge, tolerance, keen, innovation, diligence, self-discipline, collaboration, dedication "

"Knowledge, meaning": refers to the RYTON® international team of experts continue to collect the crystallization of knowledge, continue to export intellectual innovation achievements to Heiner rivers of learning spirit and open tolerance of professional attitude to "bee" type of wisdom and professionalism, Enhance the competitiveness of enterprises;

"Sensitive" and "innovation": refers to the strategic transition period, the battery market, battery research should have the "bee" type of keen touch, grasp the market opportunities, control high-end technology, innovation and lead the development of new products, new areas of breakthrough;

"Diligence, self-discipline, collaboration, dedication," refers to the sun and the moon people to "bee" type of diligence, dedication, team, efficient spirit, focus on brewing the world's energy field "nectar", give full play to the creativity and potential of employees to achieve people- sustainable development.

Character traits

And the community concentric, and customers with the heart, and the country concentric, and staff concentric, and shareholders concentric

And national concentric: in response to national development strategy, adhere to accelerate the development of the adjustment structure, in the optimization of the structure on the basis of promoting energy conservation, focusing on ecological protection and dedication of green clean energy, business and resource environment to achieve coordinated development, and strive to promote solar battery The pace of environmental protection production;

And social concentric: the rapid development of enterprises at the same time, concerned about the people's livelihood and social progress, increase investment in public welfare undertakings, "social responsibility" of corporate citizenship;

And customers with the heart: to establish a "service" is "to do the future" concept, establish a customer alliance with the concept of strategic alliance, look forward to long-term value, and customers will always be "we"

And staff concentric: adhere to the people-oriented, and pursuing a "total development of enterprises and employees" concept, adhere to the feelings of people, the cause of people, treatment to keep people, keep the system, culture keep people culture;

Concentrate with shareholders: safeguard the interests of shareholders, and actively create sustainable profits.

Corporate mission:RYTON® , storage of love and green energy

"The development of new energy, create a new future" clear the company's pursuit of the industry direction. In addition to clear the direction of the new business, but also reflects the social responsibility, embodies the core concept of "Dade" corporate quality and naturalistic philosophy of value. Not only the company's research and development of solar energy products with green development, the characteristics of harmonious development, the company's industrial strategy layout, management, social feedback is reflected in the Sun Moon Lake on the community "love."

Corporate values
Advocate nature, fear the truth! Homeopathic natural, virtue of the world!

Enterprise development concept
Active development, optimization of resources, continuous innovation, sustainable development!

Corporate competition
Innovation standards, beyond competition, the biggest competitor is their own

To market competition as a guide, a thorough understanding of the law of market competition, take the initiative to adapt to the market environment, changes in the competitive landscape.

Customer-centric, faster than competitors, and better meet customer expectations to create competitive advantage.

Enterprise market concept: the market is the first workshop

Always stressed that the market is the importance of the first workshop, the strategic transition period emphasizes the new energy innovation battery market, expand new areas.
Work concept: the result is the best honor.
Responsible, dedicated, best and enjoy

Enterprise Talent View
No border, non-balanced, competitive choice, a total of achievements

Borderless: two layers of meaning: First, the introduction of talent without border, competition for global talent, to carry out global management, to give everyone full play space. Second, training and learning without boundaries, to promote sustainable learning, good at learning, to encourage employees to tap their own potential.

Unbalanced: to "unbalanced" concept to guide the system and mechanism innovation, the establishment of personnel appointment and incentive mechanism for the ability to provide independent play a new stage, so that the interests of their own talent and corporate fate combined more closely.

Competitive choice: the natural selection, the survival of the survival of the elimination mechanism.

A total of achievements: the company and employees together in the Sun Moon Lake on the platform to find the cause of ownership, the value of life.

Enterprise talent management concept
Happiness doctrine

Creating the happiness of Sun Moon Lake and the well-being of the community.

(1) to strive for everyone to have lifelong education, and growth
(2) to strive for everyone to grow, and a career development future.
(3) to make everyone have a contribution, and income growth.
(4) to everyone is rich in spiritual support, and a harmonious human environment.
(5) to everyone has a good body, and family happiness.
(6) to everyone has a good mood, to become business owners.

View of Enterprise Learning
Knowledge and wisdom, industry into the school, learned Benedict, carefully cautious

"Wisdom and wisdom" - adhere to the study, so that they become "intellectual" type of talent;

"Industry into school" - through learning, both to create quality of life, but also to create quality of life.

"Learning to learn" - learning to be widely hunt, open mind, compatible with the package, and strive to practice the study, so that "unity of knowledge and practice."

"Cautious" - in the absence of supervision of the case, strict self-discipline, careful. "Do not be good and small, not to evil and small.
Enterprise implementation view
Ability to decide the future, the implementation of the decision success or failure.
Sun Moon Lake enterprise survival concept
Natural choice, the survival of those who suffer

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