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Ryton service concept


1. Ryton service system overview

Ryton power to meet the overall needs of customers as their duty and always committed to improving the service content and value, to provide customers with comprehensive, professional and meticulous power maintenance solutions. In the world with a number of directly under the service station, dozens of special service center, more than 100 experienced service engineers, around the world Ryton service network, waiting for the customer's call to meet every customer's service needs.

Ryton Power to establish a full range, high-quality, standardized customer service system, formed a customer call center, on-site service network and maintenance, technical support and training, spare parts support, service solutions for the main "five in one" The Hundreds of professional engineers are ready to provide you with one-stop service and support. Based on the customer experience of the service architecture design, not only can our customers the most easy and fastest to enjoy the Ryton battery-class service level, and through a comprehensive service product design, the maximum customer satisfaction to meet customer service needs The customer maximizes the investment value.


2. Ryton service components

2.1 customer service center

Ryton Power to provide customers with 7 × 24 × 365 one-stop uninterrupted customer service. Only need to call the following customer service hotline, customer service staff will take the initiative to provide you with closed-loop service response, Ryton lead acid battery pre-sale technical advice, Ryton GEL battery pre-technical advice, solar battery in the solar panels pre-sales technical advice, battery service products Purchase, all kinds of battery technology problems and customer complaints.


2.2 Technical Support Center

    Ryton Power has set up a special technical support center to solve the various technical problems of customers or engineers. Technical support centers are experienced, skilled experts, can be timely to answer customer service and application problems encountered. At the same time and Ryton power distribution in China and Taiwan's technical support team and production research and development departments to maintain timely communication, the maximum protection of the technical support to customers.

Please call the customer service hotline, we will promptly answer your various technical questions.


2.3 service operations

     Ryton power service implementation is directly under the service network outlets and professional authorized service network to provide services to the vast number of users around the world, the largest area to cover the world


2.4 Training Center

Ryton Power Supplies in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Changsha has a training center and product display center, with various types of battery products and samples for customers to provide theoretical and practical two-level operation, start, maintenance services and other aspects of training. Each year Ryton Power will also be released for users, dealers of the annual training program to help customers better understand and use Ryton battery products. For more information about training courses and arrangements, please contact the call center.


2.5 Service sales

Ryton Power provides customers with services including battery service contracts, management and consulting services, centralized monitoring and remote monitoring services, battery inspection and replacement services, training services.


2.6 after-sales service

Ryton Power is responsible for the global users to provide a full range of products after-sales service support, including maintenance services, warranty services, training services, technical support services, we have a group of professionally trained engineers, master the battery industry's most advanced technology and rich on-site Maintenance, maintenance experience, we are committed to "through professional, timely service" to our customers to provide high-quality, high reliability of power applications solutions and products.

1, the definition of the warranty period:

Since January 1, 2001, where the mainland China to order the company's single-phase, three-phase series Ryton UPS power supply in mainland China users will enjoy the company's three-year free warranty service.

The start date of the warranty period is 24 months after the start of the UPS mainframe or 27 months after the date of shipment. During the warranty period of the three UPS, the UPS host is malfunctioning due to the cause of the machine (for human reasons, Non-conforming operation or irresistible damage caused by natural disasters is not covered by the warranty), Ryton Power China Service will be responsible for the free supply of the UPS host maintenance services.

2, the warranty period of service content:

7 * 24-hour service hotline service

Ryton company opened a 400 hotline 4006662992, user-friendly services on the Ryton, products, technology, business and other issues to consult and fault repair. Users can always dial Ryton Hotline, 24 hours x 365 days all-weather to provide you with services to customers in the Ryton UPS power supply purchase, use and maintenance of all the problems encountered in the process.


warranty service

1) Ryton Power to the company to buy batteries, UPS power supply products to provide users with a two-year seven-day X 24-hour warranty service, the warranty period for the user's Ryton UPS power supply products from the date of 24 months or factory After 27 months.

2) During the warranty period, more than 24AH lead-acid batteries, colloidal battery products failure, under normal circumstances, in the request to obtain a repair request, within 4 hours to respond, there are service outlets of the city will arrive at the scene as soon as possible Failure, no service network of the city 72 hours to reach the scene and troubleshooting.

3) 24AH the following lead-acid batteries, colloidal battery products failure, by the user sent to the nearest Ryton repair service outlets.

VIP service

As long as the Ryton VIP customers, customers can enjoy the Ryton company in accordance with the standard warranty period of the terms of service, you can also enjoy a better quality of VIP customer service.

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