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Guangdong Sun Moon Lake Power Technology Co., Ltd. is Taiwan's Sun Moon Lake Electronics Co., Ltd. in mainland China's wholly-owned subsidiary, the registered capital of 100 million yuan. Sun Moon Lake began in 1997, is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to R & D, manufacturing and sales for energy efficiency optimization, power quality products such as data center, network communication, industrial manufacturing and solar energy. It is especially concerned about power quality and power energy saving. Customers provide professional energy solutions. After years of growth, Sun Moon Lake has become China's leading manufacturer of lead-acid batteries and solar battery exporters.

Only fine

We continue to climb the new peak of energy technology as its mission, is committed to the new energy solar battery technology research and development and industrialization, to solve the energy problems of today and the future and strive to explore;
We have to create value for customers as their responsibility, with our R & D and technological advantages to provide customers with the best products and services, the customer's reputation as our ultimate product;
We as much as possible to reduce the business risk of partners, integrity management, construction RYTON® and partners of the interests of the community, to create a win-win situation;
We respect the personality of employees, pay attention to the needs of employees, listen to the voice of employees, to provide staff with a comprehensive space for development and development opportunities, the growth of employees as the mission of the enterprise;
We will create a fair and orderly market environment as our mission, and our competitors to work together to create a bright, just, fair and orderly competitive situation for the development of the industry to make its own contribution;
We take our own social mission to promote social progress, pay taxes according to law, pay attention to public welfare undertakings, protect the natural environment and resources, and promote the harmonious development of society as a whole;
We will revitalize the national industry as its mission, will benefit mankind as our production of each product the ultimate goal, with our technology and products to open a new era of human energy.

Development path

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  • RYTON® by the high-tech enterprise certificate

    RYTON® by the high-tech enterprise certificate

    Recently, RYTON® by the title of high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, the strength far more than the industry. Over the years, RYTON® Group has been actively declared and repeatedly won the honor, practice "only fine" production and management philosophy by the state greatly appreciated.
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Our innovation

Continue to learn the world's most advanced concepts and technologies to enhance the ability of independent innovation, RYTON® is the driving force behind the development and rigid internal factors.
RYTON® strategic headquarters in Guangzhou, China has the largest power supply, battery production base: Shaoguan RYTON® Industrial Park, research and development base in Beijing, Guangzhou, Taizhou.
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Social responsibility

As the industry's "national environment-friendly enterprises",RYTON® has the courage to take social responsibility, and actively refueling rural Zi, return to the community.

At the same time adhere to the green development, green responsibility for the value of consideration, "for the industry to create green energy development model for the human to create a green lifestyle for the Earth to store green future" for the mission, and strive to promote their own energy system industrial structure transformation and upgrading, we Will be in the field of new energy, especially solar battery to do better and stronger, to help the development of global green low-carbon industry.

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