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RIYUETAN battery production standards and quality testing process

First, lead acid battery common use

 Starter battery: mainly used for cars, ships, motorcycles, tractors, diesel engines, such as starting, ignition and lighting;
 Fixed battery: mainly used for communications, power plants, computer systems as a protection, automatic control of the standby power supply;
 Traction type battery: mainly used for a variety of battery cars, forklifts, forklifts and other power supply;
 Railway battery: mainly used for railway diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, bus start, lighting power;
 Storage battery: mainly used for wind power, solar power and other power storage.

 Second, the lead acid storage of national battery standards

Technical specification for fixed exhaust type lead acid battery GB / T13337.1-2011
Special type lead - acid battery for coal mine
CB / T728-2000 lead - acid battery for ship start - up
Discharge - type lead - acid battery for diesel locomotives GB / T7404.1-2000
GB / T7404.2-2000 sealed type lead acid battery for diesel locomotive
Fixed - type VRLA battery
Small VRLA battery
GB / T5008.1-2005 starting lead acid battery
Communication - controlled sealed colloidal batteries for communication purposes YD / T1360-2005
Lead - acid battery for electric vehicles
Lead - acid battery for energy storage GB / T22473-2008
Electric bicycles battery and chargers QB / T2947.1-2008
Lead - acid battery for railway passenger cars GB / T13281-2008
Lead - acid battery for traction GB / 7403.1-2008
Lead - acid battery for electric road vehicles GB / T18332.1-2009
Lead - acid battery for motorcycles GB / T23638-2009
Sealed lead acid battery for electric power vehicles GB / T22199-2008

 Third, the international standard

Fixed - type exhaust - type lead - acid batteries IEC 60896-11: 2002
Fixed - type VRLA batteries
Small valve - regulated sealed lead - acid batteries
Lead - acid battery for starting IEC60095-1: 2000
Lead - acid battery for energy storage
Lead - acid battery for traction
Lead - acid battery for electric road vehicles

 Fourth, lead acid battery testing project

1. Exterior
2. Dimensions
3. polarity
4. Sealability
5. Gas precipitation
6. High current tolerance test
7. Short - circuit current and internal resistance level test
8. Explosion protection test
9. Anti - acid mist test
10. Exhaust valve action
11. Resistance to ground short circuit capability
12. Material Flame Retardant Capability
13. Resistance to mechanical damage
14. Terminal voltage equalization performance test
15. Capacity performance test
16. Battery connection voltage drop test
17. Resistant to overcharge capacity
18. Charge holding capacity
19. Recharge performance test
20. Floating charge cycle durability
21.twenty one. Overcharge cycle ring durability
22.twenty two. Accelerated floating charge cycle durability
23.twenty three. Thermal out of control sensitivity
24.twenty four. Low temperature sensitivity
25.The presence and durability of information and warning signs

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