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Guangdong RIYUETAN Power Technology Co., Ltd. development process


•RYTON's battery, Uninterruptible power supply was rated as high-tech products in Guangdong Province

•Guangdong RIYUETAN Technology Co., Ltd. to become high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province

•RYTON's battery successfully through the Teller certification, occupational health management system certification, information security certification

•RYTON's portal, mobile terminal, electric business platform new on-line

•RIYUETAN exhibitors Canton Fair, Middle East Electric Power Show, Barcelona World Communications Conference, Dubai Electric Power Show


•The 2014 "RIYUETAN Cup" National Basketball Friendlies kicked off at the Guangzhou Sports Center on August 26th

•RYTON's lead acid battery to help China CHR high-speed rail power protection

•RIYUETAN was awarded the honorary title of "Cleaner Production Environment Friendly Enterprise" in Guangdong Province

•RIYUETAN has successfully built a new energy lithium battery production line

•RYTON's New Energy Solar Battery Division was established

•RYTON's deep cycle colloidal battery to help Flying Group information security

•RIYUETAN has been awarded by the Guangdong Association of the "2014 green environmental protection products to encourage the title"


•RIYUETAN assumes social responsibility and makes every effort to support the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake

• RYTON's lead acid battery series finalists Guangdong Province radio and television collection

   RYTON's battery products escort Expo communication

• RYTON's Continental Branch was established


Taiwan RIYUETAN Electronics Co., Ltd. was established

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